Wheeled Grease Set 013-1122-000


Art. 013-1122-000
Wheeled grease set suitable for barels 180-220kg with hose reel
Composed by:
Art. 010-1015-000 Grease pump ratio=60:1
Art. 030-1398-000 3-wheels trolley
Art. 014-1056-030 Lid Ø 600 mm
Art. 014-1066-030 Follower plate Ø 590 mm
Art. 907-0122-015 R2 1/4” host – 1.5 m length
Art. 014-1081-010 Gun with flexible pipe and fitting with triple-swivel joint
Art. 070-1207-110 Hose reel with R2 1/4” hose 10.0 m length

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