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Topdon UltraDiag Designed For Professionals

TOPDON UltraDiag is a well-rounded diagnostic tool with added key programming features. Topdon UltraDiag is capable of performing full OBD2 capabilities, accessing eight commonly used maintenance services, and supporting full-system diagnostics for 60+ car brands all over the world. Stepping into more advanced functions, the diagnostic scanner includes features such as the Repair Data Library to quickly get started on auto repair jobs and bidirectional controls to locate the faulty parts accurately. This powerful tool is capable of key-matching and working on car keys and immobilizer systems. Functions include PIN reading, key learning, remote control learning, and all keys lost. These key programming functions add versatility to open many new streams of revenue. The perfect tool for repair shops and locksmiths.


AED 2,700.00

Full System ultradiag

Full System Diagnostics For 60+ Brands

Get a complete diagnostic report on over 60 different car brands with the UltraDiag scanner. This powerful tool lets you perform a comprehensive scan through all vehicle systems, including engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, immobilizer, gateway, steering, radio, and air conditioning. You'll have access to all the information you need to get your vehicle running smoothly again. No more guesswork - the UltraDiag scanner provides you with a complete picture of your car's health.

Bidirectional Control

The UltraDiag scanner can get access to vehicle-specific subsystems and component parts that drive the actuators to perform a specific function. This determines the integrity of the system or parts, allowing users to analyze and locate faulty parts more accurately. Bidirectional control includes fuel injectors, coolant pumps, windows, windshield wipers, and more.

bidirectional control ultradiag

Product Overview

Topdon UltraDiag 7

A: Eight-Inch Touchscreen
B: Reset Button
C: Power Button
D: 3.5 mm Audio Port
E: RJ45 Port
F: USB Type-A Port
G: DC Power Supply Input Port (12V, 2A)
H: HDMI Port
I: USB Type-C Port
J: Screenshot Button
K: Mic
L: TF Card Expansion Slot
M: Camera Lens
N: VCI Slot
O: Audio Speaker
P: Collapsible Stand

Effortlessly Program Your Vehicle Keys

Unlock the full potential of your UltraDiag with our key programming add-on. Compatible with over 40 vehicle brands, this upgrade provides a range of functions such as Number of Keys, PIN Reading, Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Delete Keys, and All Keys Lost. With this powerful key programming tool, you can tackle a wide range of automotive locksmiths jobs with ease.


Covering five continents.


Works on 40+ vehicle brands.


Supports necessary functions such as PIN Reading, Key Learning, & Remote Control Learning.

8 Reset Functions

Topdon UltraDiag offers the eight most commonly used reset functions of passenger vehicles: Oil Resets, Throttle Adaptation, EPB Resets, Steering Angle Resets, DPF Regeneration, ABS Bleeding, BMS Resets, and Airbag Resets.

Steering Angle Reset

Steering Angle Reset

ABS Bleeding

ABS Bleeding

Airbag Reset

Airbag Reset

BMS Reset

BMS Reset

Throttle Adaptation

Throttle Adaptation

Oil Reset

Oil Reset

EPB Reset

EPB Reset

DPF Regeneration

DPF Regeneration

Repair Data Library

UltraDiag DTC Repair Guide

The OBD2 DTC Repair Guide can display the definition of fault codes and offer guidance to perform repairs.

Topdon UltraDiag 8

By entering the brand, model, and year, technicians can access service bulletins to get technical guidance including problems, applicable models, and ways to resolve the problem.

dlc-location ultradiag

Once the UltraDiag has the vehicle brand, model, and year, the UltraDiag can show the DLC locations of various vehicles, saving technicians the trouble of searching.

Warning Light Library UltraDiag

The warning light library will provide information on vehicle dashboard warning lights, including the descriptions of the warning lights, impact on driving, possible causes of malfunctions, solutions, and related FAQs.

Topdon UltraDiag comes with AutoVIN automatically identifies vehicle information such as make, model, and year of manufacture.
Wireless VCI
Topdon UltraDiag comes with a magnetic VCI that attaches to the back of the tablet for easy storage. Connecting the VCI to the vehicles via Bluetooth gives users ultimate flexibility in diagnosis.
Better Hardware
Topdon UltraDiag features a long-lasting 10000mAh battery to save technicians from repeated recharges throughout the day.

Pro-Level OBD2 Code Reader

With the comprehensive OBD2 code reader, you can quickly identify and resolve issues related to your vehicle's emissions system. The UltraDiag supports a range of key functions, including DTC lookup, live data, freeze frame data, and more. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the UltraDiag is the perfect tool for enhanced emissions diagnostics.

Live Data
Read DTCs
Clear DTCs
View Freeze Frame Data
I/M Readiness Monitor Status
Topdon UltraDiag Pro-level
Evap Test
DTC Look Up
O2 Sensor Test
On-board Monitor Test
Read Vehicle Information

DTC Repair Guide

Maximize your diagnostic capabilities with TOPDON's UltraDiag and its DTC Repair Guide. Easily diagnose issues with your vehicle and receive guidance on repairs with the tool's fault code definitions for all systems. This includes dashboards and air conditioning systems. Compatible with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat 2010-2014 and expanding with continual updates, the UltraDiag is the must-have tool for any technician or DIY enthusiast.



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OBD II Extension Cable
OBD II Extension Cable

Power Adapter
Power Adapter

USB Cable (Type-A to Type-C)
USB Cable (Type-A to Type-C)

User Manual
User Manual

Quick User Guide
Quick User Guide

Carrying Case
Carrying Case

Package Box
Package Box


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