Star Socket JTC-43510


  • Made of hardened chrome vanadium steel.
  • Size: 1/2” x E10.
  • Total length: 38 mm.


220041/4" x E411.86.2142520 pcs
220051/4" x E511.87.2142520 pcs
220061/4" x E611.88.2142520 pcs
220071/4" x E711.89142520 pcs
220081/4" x E811.810.3142520 pcs
220101/4" x E1013.712.5142520 pcs
330043/8" x E4177.3162810 pcs
330053/8" x E5178.3162810 pcs
330063/8" x E6179.3162810 pcs
330073/8" x E7179.8162810 pcs
330083/8" x E81711.2162810 pcs
330103/8" x E101713.2162810 pcs
330113/8" x E111713.8162810 pcs
330123/8" x E121714.8162810 pcs
330143/8" x E141816.8162810 pcs
330163/8" x E162018.8162810 pcs
330183/8" x E182220.8162810 pcs
330203/8" x E202422.8162810 pcs
435101/2" x E102213.2213810 pcs
435111/2" x E112213.9213810 pcs
435121/2" x E122215213810 pcs
435141/2" x E142216.7213810 pcs
435161/2" x E162218.8213810 pcs
435181/2" x E182220.8213810 pcs
435201/2" x E202423213810 pcs
435221/2" x E222625213810 pcs
435241/2" x E242827213810 pcs


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