Preparation Booth AMTPR221


The Preparation room is designed to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the Preparation section of the vehicle prior to painting. The different types of construction and design makes it suitable to be fixed to any environment as would be necessary for the Service Center.


Booth Specification
Internal Size (LxBxH):6300x3450x2800 mm
External Size (LxBxH):7800x3450x3350 mm
Foundation & Floor
Loading Capacity:650 KG / wheel
Surface Area:9m²
Metal Basement:NO
Drive-in Ramps:NO
Ceiling Lighting:6 Units, 4X36W
Brightness:500 Lux
Pre-Filters:Fiber glass, Paint Stop-Filters, Plate type duel filters
Ceiling Filters:6 Units EU5 Fine Filters
Floor Filters:Fiber glass, Paint Stop-Filters Fiber Glass
Ventillation System
Direct Drive Motor (Fresh Air):1x5.5KW, 970RPM, 380V, 50Hz motor
Fan Capacity:25.000m³/h


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