Tester T10 – 12V / 24V



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  1. Battery Test:
    • Analyses the battery condition using microprocessor controlled testing methods without the need of fully charging it before test.
    • Consume very little current during testing, hence the test can be repeated numerous times without any worry on battery drainageand results are highly accurate.
    • Extremely safe as there is no sparks created during clamping and full analysed result takes less than 8 seconds to obtain.
    • Temperature compensation on end results.
    • Powered up by testing battery or any external DC source ranging from 9V to 15V. The analyser is meantto be operated on 12V flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid, and VRLA, EFB (Start/Stop) and AGM batteries. No maintenance is required during its lifetime service.
  1. Grounding Test:
    • Analyses the condition of the electrical return circuit contacts resistance which were connected to the engine or chassis body from the battery terminal with results and recommendations display after test.
  2. Starter Test:
    • Check the cranking effectiveness of the battery for indication on when the battery may fail to crank based on voltage profiles with results and recommendations display.
  3. Alternator Tests (with diode ripple test):
    • These tests check the alternator charging conditionswithout load at 3,000 RPM, with load at 2,000 RPM and the diodes ripple volts with results and recommendations display after each test. This test determines whether the alternator is performing its job properly.


  • Battery Tester & Electrical System Analyzer
  • 12V/24V Car & Motorcycle batteries
  • Fully Graphical Interface
  • LCD Display
  • Integrated Printer
  • TouchPad with Sensor technology
  • WET, AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB, GEL, Ca
  • Starter Test
  • Alternator Test
  • Grounding Test
  • Data transfer to PC
  • Test Results Memory Saving


Operating Voltage: 9V ~ 15V DC (max)

Analysing Capacity (Amps)

Automotive Batteries: CCA/SAE:100A ~ 2000A / EN: 100A ~ 2000A / CA/MCA:100A ~ 2000A / IEC: 100A ~ 2000A / DIN: 100A ~ 2000A / JIS#: 100A ~ 2000A

Motorcycle Batteries: CCA/SAE: 40A ~ 600A / EN: 40A ~ 600A / CA/MCA: 40A ~ 600A / IEC: 40A ~ 600A / DIN: 40A ~ 600A / JIS#: 40A ~ 600A

DC Volts Accuracy: ± 1%

Reading Battery Analysing Time: Less than 8 seconds.

Maximum key-in Characters: 17 Characters

Safety: Reverse polarity protected. Analyser will not power ON.

Internal Memory Storage: Store up to 70 Test Results.

PC Communication: Through USB Port.

Printer: Built-in

Printer Head: Thermo unit.

Paper Width: 57.5mm±0.5mm

Paper Roll Diameter: Max. 45mmO.D

Printing Speed: 50mm/sec

Working Temperature: 0ºC (32°F) ~ 50ºC (122ºF).

Working Humidity: 10 ~ 80 %


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