Infrared Paint Curing Lamp AMT-3CH


Generally speaking the higher the temperature the shorter the wavelength produced. The difference between the three types (long, medium and short) is in the depth of penetration through the paint film (in automotive applications) and excitement of the molecular structure. The advantage of using infrared is that it only heats objects that are placed in its path, directly focusing energy where it is needed.


  • Made from aluminum alloy and 304 grade bright stainless steel reflectors.
  • Equipped with VPOWER’s 21″ quartz short wave infrared halogen lamps (Optional PHILIPS lamps also available).
  • Automatic device with an electronic timer and power settings with LCD display.
  • Hydraulic lifter with an independent switch and 360° rotation.
  • With pulse ultrasonic paint curing function.
  • Power supply of 200-440V, 50-60Hz and 1100W per lamp.
  • Curing area of 1800x1000mm, 1200x1000mm.
  • Adjustable temperature of 40° C – 100° C.
  • Adjustable timer of 0min – 99mins.
  • Temperature setting is available.
  • Automatic overload protection.
  • Automatic distance sensor.
  • Automatic temperature measurements.
  • Automatic paint curing function.
  • Each emitter can be independently controlled.


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