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Autel IKEYBW004AL Universal Smart Key 4 Buttons For BMW


The Autel IKEY is a universal programmable smart key that can be programmed to replace smart keys for more than 700 vehicles including those made by BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Chryslers, Ford, Honda, and General Motors. The IKEY is OE-quality, multi-frequency (315M/433M and 868M/915M) programmable smart key that supports two to seven buttons configurations and features a premium battery. AUTEL Razor IKEYBW004AL BMW has 4 buttons.
You can use the KM100 tablet to program the IKEY for supported vehicles in as short as one minute.


AED 95.00

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1. Programmable smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles
2. Supports ultra-long-range (40 meters/130 feet) frequency transmission
3. Compatible with systems using 315M/433M and 868M/915M frequencies
4. Superior, OE-quality smart key that meets or exceeds industry and regulatory standards


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