IDXBB Gas Identifier


Before performing maintenance on air condition systems, you can use the optional external gas identifier to identify the refrigerant, so as to avoid any problem or damage.

The identifier gas is used before A/C station pipes are connected to the vehicle air conditioning system. Only the correct sequence during use ensures that the gas in the vehicle is correctly identified. In case of 1234yf not sufficiently pure.

Technical Data

Gas IdentifierR-134a, R-1234yf, R-513a (Air Optional)
Power Supply: 2 V @ 0.8 A maxTest Time: 30 sec.
Identification threshold: ≥ 92 %Calibration: Automatic
Identification method: %Sample Calibration: Vapor Only
Capillary: Hose connection 1.5 mTemperature: 10°C – 50°C
Connection: USBDimensions: 430 mm x 340 mm x 156 mm
Weight: 5 kg


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