Charger Flash 150 A


Charger Flash 150 A

Inverter energy efficient battery charger is a new kind of advanced pulse battery charger which comes with yellow-green backlit LCD display and can automatically detect, analyze, charge and maintain batteries, and intelligent programming. • Over-voltage and over-current protection, power down alarm, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, high temperature alarm and auto repair battery during charging process • Detect, analyze, charge and maintain different types of batteries, applying to advanced charging devices at garages and repair workshops. • Used in the maintenance, detection and electronic control system programming process of cars in static state to prevent damage of control elements and loss of data caused by cars running out of battery during programming or other detection processes.

With reverse connection reminder and no touch spark, the charger is applicable to all battery technologies to perform charging curves and charging detection.



  • Input voltage: AC220-240V
  • Input power: 2400W
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Charging Current : 150A
  • Charging Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity: 10 ~ 1200Ah
  • Programming Mode:2~30V/2~100A


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