AMT 61S – Full Rise Scissor Lift


Full Rise Scissor Lift

Above Ground Installation


  • Full Rise Scissor Lift – Pneumatic Release / Above-ground installation
  • Four cylinder drive and dual safety structure design
  • Lifting with machinery self-locking device, safe and reliable
  • 24V safety operation volt, Aluminum motor with fan on top to avoid overheating caused by long time working (optional)
  • Self-lubricated bushing and bearing with a zerk, regular maintenance, extend service life
  • Surface shot blasting process, electrostatic powder spraying, strong surface adhesion and durable powder coating
  • It has adopted 115% dynamic load capacity and 150% static load capacity test
  • CE certificated

Technical Data

Model:AMT 61S
Locking System:Pneumatic Release
Locking Capacity:3500 Kg
Platform Length:1450 mm
Platform Width:650 mm
Platform Space:800 mm
Lifting Time:About 55 sec.
Lowering Time:About 45 sec.
Weight:920 Kg



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