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AMT 440 Single Column Lift


The AMT 440 Single Column is a portable single post lift that is the perfect choice for shops or homeowners who do not want to tie up space. This lift allows the operator to walk under the vehicle or move the lift around.

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  • Movable single column lift special useful for indoor outdoor ground, convenient, small occupation, easy Operation.
  • Integrated circuit control box with wired remote controller.
  • Aluminum motor and strengthen arm. The arm end thickness is 91mm.
  • Electrical and hydraulic driving way with screw arms adjusting ensures easy operation with CE certificate


Lifting Capacity 2800kg
Max. Lifting Height 1900mm
Lifting Vehicle Width 1800mm
Lifting Speed 40mm/s
Motor Power 2.2Kw
Power Supply 1Ph/3Ph 220/380V 50/60Hz
Oil Pressure 17Mpa
Machine Weight 750kg
Noise Level 60dB
Insulation Grade IP64
Working Environment Outdoor and indoors
Working Temperature -5X – +40Xr


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