Airbag Service Tool 365 days license


AED 1,450.00

Airbag Service Tool NEXT 365 DAYS license

Activation contains:

– AirBag Service Tool (dump calculator) – 365 days (unlimited calculation per 1 year)
– AirBag CAN Service Tool / SmartOBD CAN Tool – 365 days (unlimited calculation per 1 year)
– CAN, K-Line, GM-LAN supported (unlimited calculation per 1 year)
– Individually for customer (repair/test) file calculation. If You can not find Your SRS Unit number in our software.
Extension of the hardware warranty for another 1 year (Applies to customers who regularly pay the subscription.)

Please add AST Dongle Card SN to your order.


This product is only for customers who already bought Airbag Service Tool and want to renew their license for next 1 year.


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