5 Tips on Buying OBDII Scanner


OBD II stands for on board diagnostic, it is found in almost every car today, owing to its powerful functions, this useful diagnostic tool makes the car repair and auto maintenance becomes more convenient. This device provides engine control and monitors the function and performance of the various car parts like the chassis, body, and other car accessories including the control network of the vehicle. The OBD II can detect minute changes in the car’s performance and displays the changes or problems in codes.


These codes have corresponding meanings and more often than not, you will surely need a diagnostic scanner to interpret the code. Proper interpretation of the car code will enable you to take the necessary steps in order to get your car back in tiptop shape. Here are shopping tips you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that the scanner that you are about to buy will work on your vehicle. Even if the OBD II is a standard diagnostic system it is still not an assurance that every single scanner will work on it.
  2. Keep in mind that three different communications are currently being used by the OBD system in some vehicles. Some scanners support all three while other support only one.
  3. Go for a scanner that is upgradeable this will help keep your scanner updated with the recent changes in the system. An upgrade will also enable your scanner to work in newer car models.
  4. A scanner that comes with a built in manual may be of great help. This is perfect if you are planning to do the repairing yourself.
  5. Your scanner should enable you to store data for future references. Stored data will help you monitor the changes in your car’s performance.

Do not waste your money buying scanners that don’t even support your car’s OBD II system. Before you purchasing one, do not forget to consider these tips.

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