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Maintain the Vitality of your Car

A car how it can be regarded as viable, the owners love for each one, the definition varies naturally, the driver is related to its “health” of important factors, and maintenance is another important factor. Know how to drive a good car, but also to understand how conservation, like people, like beauty routine security leaven, attentive care, the car can be long-lasting radiance.

Drip Out Car Liquid

Adverse Reactions:

Drip out of a pool under the car somehow liquid
Illness reasons: In general, cause’s drip hose is connected and the engine coolant tank between the cracks.


The deterioration of the quality of the coolant rust decline, not only easily lead to damage to the radiator, piping, hoses and other components, but also because of the cooling liquid is the main component of ethylene glycol, drip onto the ground can also cause environmental and air pollution. However, it is difficult to visually determine whether the deterioration of coolant, the coolant should be changed regularly so, refrain wait to go to repair faulty.

General recommendations vehicles traveling 40,000 km or every two years, to be replaced with new coolant, additional cooling fan belt must be replaced every two years.

Engine Misfire

Adverse Reactions:

Illness reasons: Start system failure is likely to be battery or battery leakage caused by rust. Because the engine is started by the spark plug ignition battery current push to complete.


To view the battery fluid every two months, the adequacy of internal battery. If insufficient, add distilled water to the appropriate height. Currently cars were powered by maintenance-free battery, you cannot arbitrarily add water. In addition, every year, to check whether the battery positive and negative termination point rusty or dirty phenomenon.

If there is, we must promptly to the car shop cleaned to maintain the smooth flow of the circuit. After the battery repair, battery scrap can delay time, reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution of waste batteries.

Large Engine Exhaust Noise Emissions and More

Adverse Reactions:

Cause condition: the temperature of the engine exhaust gas oxidation occurs; it may cause leakage of the exhaust system.

Green Maintenance:

Check the exhaust system piping, whether gas corrosion at the interface, the interface pad has not been washed out. If it is found leaking exhaust system leaks should be repaired or replaced parts. Not only inspected once a year to ensure the normal operation of the exhaust system, and more important to reduce harmful substances in exhaust pollution of the environment.

Automotive Fuel Consumption Increases

Adverse Reactions:

Illness reasons: Many reasons for the increase fuel consumption. But the most common and easily overlooked is that we check the tire pressure.
Insufficient tire pressure will not only lead to increased driving resistance, resulting in increased fuel consumption, but also affect tire life.

Green Maintenance:

Self tire pressure gauge, check the tire pressure regularly. Remember do not forget to check the spare tire, so much needed replacement of tires, only to find the spare tire has no gas. High temperatures will be higher than usual when the tire pressure, so a more accurate measurement of tire pressure in cold weather or shade.

Often traveling 10,000 kilometers per tire to swap position, the degree of wear before and after avoiding much difference. If you need to replace the badly worn tires, the best two or four together to change, the same tires front and rear lines cross replaced. In addition, line pattern of the tire helps to save fuel.

Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908 Pro, Autel MaxiDas DS808, Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro and so on.

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